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Pioneers of Aroma Therapy Aroma Treasures is the brainchild of Mr. Nirmal Minawala - who has invested his life in research and has strived for excellence in the field of Aromatherapy. He believes in the power of Aromatherapy to cure, enhance and rejuvenate, and his efforts have always been directed towards making the science of Aromatherapy accessible, understandable and finally to become a household name. To this effect, he devised the extensive range of Aroma Treasures, which after a decade of existence has now become a reliably brand in the niche market of Aromatherapy. It will be safe to conclude that Aroma Treasures is devised by the leading pioneers of Aromatherapy, and is a product of years of research, powerful knowledge and a endeavor for excellence. roma Treasures Aroma Treasures has a wide range of Aromatherapy products in the categories of essential oils, vegetable oils, and ready to use 100% natural oil based products, natural shampoos, skin care, spa range, vaporizers, and room freshening blends.
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